Ingmar Relling & Fredrik A. Kayser

Ingmar Relling (1920-2002) was an impassioned designer who created a series of functional furniture designs during his long career. He started his career at Rastad & Relling design studio in 1947 before establishing his own studio in Sykkylven in 1950.

Today, he is considered as one of the greatest contributors to the golden era of Scandinavian Design. Simplicity, minimalism, elegance and uncompromising quality are key concepts in all of Relling’s designs.

In 1965, Ingmar Relling designed his greatest creation: the Siesta chair. It earned him first prize at the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry Chair competition the same year. Even the White House was furnished with Ingmar Relling’s Siesta. Today, the Siesta chair stands out as an internationally recognised classic and a Norwegian icon.

Fredrik A. Kayser (1924-1968) graduated from the Norwegian National College of Art & Design in 1945, and along with Afdal, Brattrud, Raastad & Relling he became one of Norway’s most respected designers during the era Known as Scandinavian Design. In 1952, Kayser started to work at Rastad & Relling design studio, but in 1956 he established his own studio.

During his career, Fredrik A. Kayser designed furniture for several of Norway’s most famous furniture manufacturers. Light, modern and functional are all characteristics of his furniture as they are strong representatives of the Scandinavian tone and as the handcraft is clearly inspired by Danish furniture design.

Many of his furniture pieces are considered classics today, among them the armchair Modell 711, which in 1960 won first prize in the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry Chair competition.

LK Hjelle now have a range of new talent in their Norway factory see here:

Hans Brattrud

Hans Brattrud (born 1933) designed the Scandia stackable chair in 1957 as a student project at the National College of Art & Design in Oslo. The chair was revolutionary both in shape and expression. By using horizontal ribs, a two dimensional laminated shape was strung up and made three-dimensional. This was an ingenious construction that also made a unique and timeless design.

The Scandia chair range consists of a stackable chair, a lounge chair, barstools and an easy chair. In 1960 the chairs were manufactured and additional models developed. The Scandia chair range won immediate recognition and became an obvious eye-catcher at several exhibitions and fairs. In 1967 the Scandia stackable chair was awarded gold medal at the International arts and crafts fair in Munich. The same year it also received «The Award for Design Excellence» by the Norwegian Design Council. As late as in 2006 the Scandia easy chair received the «Interior innovation award Cologne 2006» and was nominated for the «The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2007».

Hans Brattrud was considered the most promising Norwegian furniture designer in the 1960s. He had his own design office, developing new models of furniture and working with demanding design commissions. His design from this period won several national and international competitions. On the picture you can see Hans Brattrud at his design office in Oslo in 1958.

Hans now 85 years young still works closely with Pal Lunder of Fjordfiesta on all design and production matters.

Hanna Korvela

Hanna Korvela Design was created twenty-two years ago, inspired by the human senses and born of respect for them. The first product of this small textile design company, the Duetto carpet, showed a strong awareness of Nordic interior design traditions, high quality, ecological awareness, and modern shapes.

International breakthrough came in 1997, when Duetto carpet made of cotton and paper yarn was awarded with the prestigious “red dot: best of the best” award. Since then Hanna Korvela has received numerous awards and her products are presented in many of the worlds most esteemed interior design showrooms. Hanna Korvela signifies pure materials, clear pattern language, high quality and harmonic beauty, that surprises with its strength year after year, decade after decade.

Today, Hanna Korvela is one of the largest and most respected carpet design companies in Finland. The foundation of the company’s internationally recognized product range consists of woven carpets of paper yarn and cotton tricot, luxurious tufted woollen carpets, and lighter rya rugs.

Sensing and understanding customer needs is Hanna Korvela’s leading principle. This means that the sizes of all products can be tailored to customers’ wishes.

The standard product range aside, the company’s area of strongest growth consists of purpose-designed products, such as liturgical textiles and decor schemes. These may include, for example, bespoke carpets and other textile products reflecting their colours or patterns, as well as other works of art.

All products have one common denominator: Hanna Korvela. The name represents pure materials, clear shapes, high quality, and harmonic beauty whose strength never ceases to impress, year after year and decade after decade.

Jorge Pensi

Jorge Pensi studied architecture in Buenos Aires. In 1977 he founded the design consultancy group “Grupo Berenguer” with his renown colleagues and created a second design office with Alberto Lievore in Barcelona.

During the 80’s Pensi had a prolific run in producing new designs for furniture, lighting and was highly recognized for his chair designs, in particular the TOLEDO and SPLASH armchairs for AMAT-3 (Barcelona), Model 114 and the GIMLET STOOL.

His cast aluminium TOLEDO chair won several prizes in Europe including the First Award Selection from SIDI, Silver Delta Awards from the Associazione del Disegno Industriale and a Design-Auswal 90 Award from the Stuttgart Design Centre. In 1994, Pensi designed the exhibition Salon Internacionale de Diseno para el Habitat. One of Spain’s leading designers Jorge Pensi works internationally as a design consultant and has created furniture designs for a wide range of manufacturers. His latest collaboration with RESOL of Spain has produced the fabulous TOLEDO – AIRE, a variation of the acclaimed TOLEDO Armchair which has received international acclaim.